• When trying to build on Mars I seem to lack "parts". What's that, and where do I get it?

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    • Recycle 1 Lichen to get 50 Cellulose.  500 Cellulose and a 3D printer allows you to build a single part.  500 cellulose and a 2x2 Life Support Module can also build a part.  2x2LSM can also build 10 parts at a time if you have 5k cellulose.

      Now to figre out how to get the lichen samples I am finding with my rovers to be planted on Mars.  Currently my only source of Cellulose is rogue Luchen, and I think I am running out.  Wish I could make it on the Moon and ship it to Mars via Vasimir.

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    • Thanks!

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    • you cannot run out of teh rogue lihcen. Atleast, not in the way you're thinking about it. It is "discovered" (spawned) when a robotic analyzer cycles. I find ~12 or so of them give a pretty consistient supply. The wayI've been producing it recently is via farming on mars. you need to build a garage and have some DNA, which is made by the cycling of the 2x2 research facility. The farming cycles one time an hour. The LSM can only cycle one at a time, meaning if you que up 10 at once, it will take 10 cycles to complete them, so I recoment having 4+ 3d printers or LSM.

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    • I'm either too new on Mars or just plain lost. 

      I have been spending the last few days making up for the loss of deuterium and water in the new release. 

      I have two rovers and one science center, one printer and one parts store. ( And various old 2x2 buildings 2-reactors, living centers, old aero buildings etc... just the one type of building I had a few of stopped producing enough water and deuterium and now I need to build water buildings.)

      Now I get readouts that it discovers a different type of lichen once a cycle Im guessing.

      But I have no idea how to create Celleous from what I have.  

      I canno't build any new 2x2 buildings such as the garage where my old trucks are in limbo.

      Is there only one type of lichen the "rogue lichen" that makes celleous?

      Once I have another couple bore holes for water shipped I will start sending more rovers and science centers to focus on Lichens....which was unneccesary before the update.

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    • Never mind I zoomed out and now am finding lichen everywhere....

      Hope once I get the right stuff built I can create my own...

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    • Seems the old forest I worked hard for are now recyclable.  I like that they release gas though...

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    • What about when you have only 4 parts on Mars and you cannot make any more even though you have the cellulose to make them? It shows on the 3D printer that parts were quelled but the number stays at 4. Help

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