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The Resources you gather must be stored in specialized buildings or they will be lost.

There are 4 types of resources:  Bulk, Volatiles, UnitLarge and UnitSmall.  They have their specialized buildings:

- Bulk: Large Hopper and Small Hopper . Store goods such as Mooncrete and Metal.

- Volatiles: Liquid Gas Tank . Store goods such as Oxygen and CO2.

- UnitLarge: Hangar . Store goods such as Containers.

- UnitSmall: Self-storage Depot . Store goods such as Moonshine.

At the beginning you are given a very basic capacity.  These different buildings increase this storage capacity, or 'limit'.  The more you build, the more you can store on your base.

Ships also have a storage limit.  It is displayed when you are doing a market transaction.

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