One of the first things to do when starting your base is to lay out your roads before you actively begin play. By not building anything but road squares, you can create and destroy your street network without the actual game getting in your way. You can ring craters with space to build yet keep your little diggers confined. You can make counted road lengths that precisely contain 1x, 2x, or 3x buildings. Nothing looks odder than a section of road meant to hold 6 tech builds of 2x size and be stuck with a 1-zy left over. You CAN shove in garages or missiles here n there but a colony looks way nicer if it is orderly. Take time to consider how to put your districts together. Business here. Science near the Relic. Gardens and tourisms in one or two likely places, etc. By no means do you want to waste space with wandering roads. To n back does the job. Realistic definitely ups the 'Cool-ness factor'.