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You will need many many different resources to keep things going in your new city.

Build the 1x1 Regolith Separator to extract the raw materials you need to build your moonbase.

You can then trade resources on The Market. Buy low and sell high. Silicon is the best, buy at $1 and sell at $3 for a tidy profit.

MoonBase Inc Ice and materials

Ice craters and Resources


Life SupportEdit

  • Food (2-4$)
  • Oxygen (1-2$)
  • Water (1-2$)
  • CO2 (1-2$)
  • Solid Waste (2-3$)

Building SuppliesEdit

  • Metal (1-2$)
  • Mooncrete Blocks (1-2$)
  • Containers(?-1,082$)
  • Glass (1-2$)

Industrial Supplies & ProductsEdit

  • Silicon(1-3$)
  • Corn (8-13$)
  • Green Goo (4-6$)
  • Hydrogen (1-3$)

Power SuppliesEdit

  • Calcium (1$)
  • Uranium (8-13$)
  • Helium-3 (7-12$)

Trade GoodsEdit

  • Tourists (933-1,184$)
  • Gold (47-53$)
  • Moonshine (763-1,235-?$)
  • Dollars
  • Research



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