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The Tutorial Edit

To get started, you should check out this page:

Key ElementsEdit

There are several key elements to this game:

Player to PlayerEdit

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    Added category: Facilities
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    New page: As you develop your Moonbase, various new structures and facilities will become available to you. ==Housing & Tourism== {| border="0" cellpadding
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    New page: LEMEdit EDIT COMMENTS (14) SHARE---- [1][2][3][4]==El Módulo Lunar de Excursión (LEM por sus siglas en inglés) es un icono de la era espacial. En los...
  • discussion page Talk:Landing Field
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    Comment: Howdy All,  I have 1x1 pad and a 2x2 pad how do I get a 3x3 pad? I have 3 of the people planes and no way to use them. 
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    Summary: Requirements:
  • discussion page Talk:SkyShield Missiles
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    Comment: Location, location, location.  When figuring out the best location to put Missiles, you have to consider two things: they will target random...
  • discussion page Talk:Regolith Scout Base
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    Comment: Can the pathing on this be improved?  Instead of the truck going in random directions, it will try to turn towards the closest piece of rubble to...
  • discussion page Talk:Life Support Module
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    Comment: I wonder if the Life Support Module could be coded to print up to 10 parts, using 500 cellulose each time?  So for Aurora Base it would print 1 part...
  • discussion page Talk:Regolith Scout Base
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: To manually return it, just move the Scout base.  A new truck will respawn next to the scout base, so make sure it has room to do so.

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